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Ijazah classes with Sheikh Gomma

Start Date:
After Testing
Day/Time of Slots:
Monday to Thursday
9:00 am-12:00 pm EST 9:00 pm-11:00 pm EST
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Course Duration:
8 - 10 months or longer depending on students progress
Class Room:
Information will be sent to Registered students
Contact Email:

Password Protected
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Ijazah for Tajweed Recitation or Hifdh al Quran with Sheikh Gomma

Live Classes, Students will recite to the Ijazah Teacher Directly One on One!

Choose the time and day that suits your schedule

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Ijazah by Sheikh Gomaa Mahdi for Recitation or Hifdh
Holder of Sanad (Ijazah) in the narration of Hafs from Asim through Abdullah Bin Masood (ra)

Advance Level Classes

Students will have class directly with Sheikh Gomma, not with his student or a teacher assistant

Lesson duration: 1 hr 2 days a week

Limited student spots

Preference will be given to students who have completed Level 3 Tajweed classes with Sheikh Gomma

Any student who is strong in Tajweed Recitation is welcome to apply

All students will be tested before being accepted in the Ijazah Program

USD $26.75 - 35.75 per hour / 1 hour class one on one / You choose how many days a week

Students who are late for class will not be given makeup time

Students who miss class will not be given credit for the paid time

Fee Payment: Students who pass the test and are accepted in the program will be given fee payment instructions

Please read the fees policies before registering by clicking here

Course books are not included in the course fees.
Inorder to benefit from the course fully, all course books are recommended to be purchased.

Book names will be given to students if any are required

Classes are held online:

Class Information will be given to registered students

To make best use of this class you need: high speed internet, a good headset / microphone

Registered students requirements:

1- Attend Live Class on time

2- 100% Class attendance is required for the Ijazah.

3- Late Students will not be given extra time to cover their tardiness

4- Recite the lesson to the teacher in class every week on Skype.

5- Skype ID should be similar to your Course ID. Kindly create New ID and do not add family pictures as it will take away the Barakah of learning the Qu`ran. Angels do not enter those areas where pictures are displayed.

6- Course related or personal questions kindly email them after class. Ask Questions during class which are related and relevant to the subject/topic.

Al Huda Online Course Policies:
Attendance requirements, Late work submission, Holidays and more.. Click Here

Students who can meet the above requirements and would like to obtain an Ijazah should register for testing on the `Register` tab.

Students applying for the oral exam:

• Prefrence will be given to students who have completed Level 3 Tajweed Course & sucessfully and pass the oral qualifying exam

• All Students with knowlege of Tajweed Rules and are strong in Tajweed Recitation can apply for the oral qualifying exam

Other Requirements
• Basic Computer Skills, logging in, reading emails etc...
• Ability to speak & understand English

Age requirement:

• 6th grade and up

**Please Note*

Only Students who:

1) Can attend all classes should apply.

2) There will Not be any make-up classes available.

3) Must be able to recite the lesson to the Teacher during class on the mic.
No training can be provided, Students should check their mic and sound system before class.

Closed Admissions

Admissions are closed due to the nature of the courses. Once admissions are closed for a course, new students will no longer be accepted, sorry.

Ijazah for Recitation or Hidfh have limited registration spots

When the class is full, students will be added to the waiting list

Registration Procedure:
Students who are interested in the program please fill the form below for the oral exam

Students who qualify after being tested will be sent a registration form

Students can choose a Recitation or Hifdh** Ijazah

**Students wanting a Hifdh Ijazah will need to call through video
Sisters who wear niqab can keep their niqab on during the video call

When the class is full, students will be added to the waiting list

بارك الله فيك